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Petersburg’s waterfront circa 1920.

July 14, 1982 - If someone has explained to you that, honestly, he was bumping along Three Lakes Loop Road last Wednesday in an old pickup truck and along came a big, silver Greyhound bus with a sign in the front window saying “Macon, Georgia,” he was telling the truth.

The driver of the first tour bus to hit Petersburg in years says he has always liked cruising his Greyhound down the less beaten, potholed path. He guided this busload of senior citizens from Macon, up Canada’s rugged Highway 37 and on to Mt. McKinley before pulling into the belly of the Taku and letting the ferry system take over for a while.

July 16, 1992 - Approximately 12 city blocks will be paved this summer after the city council authorized use of the city reserve funds to pay for the work at Monday night’s special council meeting.

City manager Bill Robinson told the city council that up to 18 city blocks were ready for paving if the city council wanted to spend as much as $286,000 to complete all the paving work listed.

July 4, 2002 - Governor Knowles signed legislation this week authorizing $20 million for construction of the intertie power line connecting Swan Lake in Ketchikan with the Tyee Lake hydro plant in Bradfield Canal.

Dave Carlson, interim general manager of the Four Dam Pool Power Agency which owns the Tyee project, announced the governor’s action Tuesday night. Carlson said that while details have not been ironed out, the intertie funding to date totals $65 million towards the estimated construction cost of $75 million.

Petersburg and Wrangell are currently using only one-half the installed capacity of the Tyee power project. The intertie will allow for unused power to be consumed by Ketchikan which will more fully utilize the Tyee project, making it more cost efficient to operate. Fuller utilization will also speed up debt repayment to the State of Alaska and other lenders.


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