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Council awards bids for city projects


The Petersburg City Council awarded a $36,397 bid to Urban Accessories for the purchase of 20 medallions to be used in the Petersburg Road Improvement Project. One of these new medallions will be cast in the design of the new Petersburg logo.

The medallions will replace the existing brass sidewalk inlaid artwork with full sized sand casted bronze artwork.

This purchase will be funded through Capital Project Fund 727 and will come from the City’s share of matching funds for this project. Petersburg Public Works Director Karl Hagerman stated that since the City’s maximum match is 9.03 percent of the total project cost and they have already budgeted these amounts in the capital project fund, no additional funds will need to be allocated for this purpose.

“I cannot support the purchase of these medallions,” City Council member Don Koenigs stated. “I think this is a frivolous purchase and the money could be better used elsewhere in the project.”

Hagerman explained that there was much debate with the Arts Council regarding this project.

“We want to retain the integrity of the existing brass inlays,” Hagerman said. “We settled on using the same design and wanted them to be user friendly and slip-resistant for pedestrians.”

Hagerman also explained that they had thought about using cast iron and decided on the bronze because they will look better and they will not corrode as quickly as cast iron.

“This is a good compromise with the aesthetic quality and the functionality of the sidewalk,” Hagerman stated.

Because these items have a long lead time and need to be ready for installation when the contractor starts the sidewalk work this bid had to be solicited well in advance of the construction bid.

The council approved the bid award by a vote of four to two with council members John Jensen and Don Koenigs voting no.

A bid in the amount of $137,434.50 was awarded to Rock-N-Road Construction, Inc. for site improvements at Greens Camp, Wilson Creek and Banana Point. This project is completely grant funded and was approved unanimously.


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