July 19, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 29

Police reports

July 11

An officer requested help for a possible intoxicated individual who had been asked to leave establishment four times.

A suspicious person was reported to be urinating in the parking lot at the ferry terminal.

Police assisted a person on to his boat at North Harbor.

An individual driving erratic at Libby Straights was reported.

Burglary at the ballfield concession stand was reported. An officer responded.

A child was found wandering the street at 2nd Street. The child's mother was later located.

An officer responded to a report of boys shooting BB guns at people on Lumber Street.

A small motorcycle going too fast and the wrong way on the street was reported on Sing Lee Alley.

A caller reported a guy yelling at a girl on S. Nordic Drive.

July 12

US Forest Service reported a vehicle in the ditch at 6 mile Three Lakes Loop Road North.

Loud music waking an individual up for three days in a row was reported on Ira II. Party responsible agreed to turn it down.

A caller reported an intoxicated female banging on doors, falling down and waking residents. After a second call was received, officer escorted the female home.

A pair of black and yellow prescription glasses were found at the ballfield.

July 13

An individual was locked out of their vehicle on 12th Street.

A report of a highway construction roller damaging the roadway at Scow Bay was called in.

An individual reported a vehicle backed into them at the 400 block of N. Nordic Drive.

An individual reported being assaulted on Excel Street.

A small mini bike driving too fast and going the wrong way on the street at Harbor Way was reported.

Alaska State Trooper reported an accident out the road.

July 14

Harbormaster requested assistance with an intoxicated individual at Harbor Way.

A possible drunk driver was reported.

A report of theft of medication on Hungerford Hill Road was reported.

A purse stolen from a vehicle at the Sons of Norway parking lot was called in.

An iPod was reported taken from a vehicle at Narrows Inn.

A request for assistance was received for an individual being adrift without power. Harbor and Coast Guard was notified.

July 15

A vehicle taken from S. Nordic Drive was reported.

Officer responded to an ajar manhole cover at S. Nordic Drive.

July 16

A fight on Chief John Lott was reported and officer responded.

Vandalism to property on Dolphin Street was reported.

An unmuffled, unlicensed mini bike running back and forth on the roadway and running several stop signs on Sandy Beach Road was reported.

An alleged intoxicated individual refused to leave the bar. Officer escorted individual home but he returned two hours later.

The report of an individual kicking in a door looking for someone was reported on Excel Street.

Loud yelling, partying and possible underage drinking was reported at 4th Street.

An individual reported an accident at Twin Creeks.

July 17

A minor accident on Fram Street was reported. A note was left on the vehicle for the owner.

The report of an accident at Municipal Power & Light parking lot was called in.

An individual wishing to press charges at the airport was reported. Officer contacted individual and suspect.

A vehicle being towed to S. 3rd Street and left behind a dumpster was reported.

During this reporting period there were four animal calls, six EMS calls and seven burn permits issued.

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