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Long-Term Care Facility could get a facelift


Plans to remodel or rebuild the Petersburg Medical Center Long-Term Care facility had PMC Board members excited for new possibilities.

Roy Rountree, architect, and Abigail Kron, interior designer, of Bettisworth North Architects and Planners of Anchorage, gave board members a detailed look at several options that could take place for the PMC LTC facility.

“Abigail and I inspected the facility pretty thoroughly,” Rountree said. “It is now in a state of managed deterioration.”

Rountree and Kron spoke with several members of the staff and residents of the LTC and they were given main areas of concern regarding the facility.

“The double rooms are not desirable,” Rountree stated. “There is no area for family to visit, dine or even watch television with their loved ones.”

He explained that what is needed is the sense of home that the residents are not getting at this time.

“Another main concern is the institutional feel of the facility,” Kron said. “And the shower and bathing room is inadequate as well as not being wheel-chair accessible.”

PMC Board members were given the first opportunity to buy lots 103, 105 and 109 Excel Street for $250,000 with $150,000 paid up front and the remainder to be paid monthly.

“This land is not big enough for what you eventually want to do with the facility,” Rountree said. “A new LTC facility on this land would only have the occupancy level of 22.”

“We want a minimum of 25 available rooms,” PMC Board President Tom Abbott said. “If we can’t get that on this land, then this is not the land we need to think about buying.”

Rountree and Kron brought detailed plans outlining all possible scenarios, be it remodel or rebuild.

“Level one of the plans mainly includes a facelift of the facility,” Kron said. “New finishes, lighting and a complete remodel of the bathroom and shower area. We would like to give the residents a spa feel.”

The cost for a level one remodel will possibly run $960,000 to $1.2 million and would take approximately five months to complete. A level 2 remodel will cost an additional $150,000 bringing the total to $1.1 to $1.3 million and an additional six months for completion.

Rountree also gave an estimate for a complete new facility that would run $15.3 million or a new hospital and LTC facility with the price tag of $77 million.

“I don’t believe we could get enough public support for a new facility at this time,” Abbott said. “The community will see a new roof going on this building in the next month and the nurses station was remodeled recently.”

Rountree suggested that the level one and two remodel would be sufficient to buy approximately five years until funding could be secured for the new facility.


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