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August 6, 1992 - Roald and Jeannie Norheim recently returned from a 10-day trip to Norway, where they were reunited with more than 200 other Norheims who came to the reunion.

The family enjoyed four fabulous days of entertainment, visiting and food as only Norwegians can prepare.

The islands are rugged, but beautiful. Fishng provides the people’s livelihood and has for centuries.

The Norheims traveled on Scandinavian Airlines to Copenhagen, Denmark, then on to Oslo and out by small plane to Bulandet. They went by plane, car, train, bus and ferries on this whirlwind trip, saw lots of sights and took many feet of video.

August 11, 1982 - People in Petersburg, Wrangell, Kake and surrounding holes-in-the-wall may want to dust off their AM radio dials and see if the dial still actually turns. Beginning in early September AM radios tuned to 58C KHz will pick up the 5000 watt station KRSA, owned by Central Alaska Missions, a religious organization from Glennallen.

The station will feature religious programming with country and western, easy listening and classical music. It will also have local news and advertising.

August 8, 2002 - The smell of burnt toast isn’t exactly the best compliment for morning coffee, but to local coffee bean roaster Jenny Martens that over toasted aroma means all is well in the coffee bean roasting business.

What began as a fund-raiser for a local high school activity and a package of her son’s college coffee merchandise gave Martens the idea to try and start a small business.

She purchases beans from a broker in Seattle and will soon be using organic, shade grown and fair trade certified beans for her mix.

Roasting all week, Martens has beans from Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Brazil and Sumatra.


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