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Crystal Bay Lodge donates trip to Wounded Warriors


Owners of Crystal Bay Lodge, Nick and Amy Ausman, donated a five day fishing trip for raffle to Oceanside Senior Anglers, a California based chapter of Wounded Warriors.

“This is the first year we have donated,” Amy Ausman said. “But we are looking forward to repeating this next year with another chapter.”

The winner of the donated trip was Gary Thompson.

“I was lucky enough to win the trip and I am accompanying four of our paying club members,” Thompson said.

Oceanside Senior Anglers have approximately 600 members in the Camp Pendleton area.

“The trip that Crystal Bay Lodge donated was worth $2,850,” OSA member Gerry Graf said. “This raffle gave us the opportunity to add two more trips this year.”

Graf explained that they were very pleased with the response for this raffle. “The Ausmons were very kind to give this to us,” he said.

OSA is a non-profit organization that provides a sport fishing outlet to seniors of Southern California and elsewhere.

“Our goals this year are to run as many kids and Wounded Warrior fishing trips as our funds will allow,” Graf said. “Right now, we are planning four kid trips and three Wounded Warrior trips.”

The club allows for 30 kids per trip from area Boys & Girls Clubs, Marine families and other deserving organizations on a chartered boat, generally out to Oceanside or San Diego.

The OSA Wounded Warrior program serves to recognize and support those who have served in the military who have suffered injuries.

To accomplish this, OSA receives donations from many club members.

“Our heroes come from the Camp Pendleton Wounded Warrior Battalion, the 32nd Street Naval Medical Detachment in San Diego and Balboa Naval Hospital,” OSA Program Chairman Deek Takacs said. “There are absolutely no costs for those who attend these trips. They are furnished with everything that they need for the day, including food, fishing license and equipment.”


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