August 30, 2012 | Vol. 39, No.35

Former Council member calls for renaming of Syd Wright Auditorium

Former Petersburg Council member Bill Tremblay addressed the Petersburg School Board to possibly rename the Syd Wright Auditorium.

“It has been brought to my attention several times regarding the name for the Syd Wright Auditorium,” Tremblay said. “It's easy to understand considering there is only one picture there.”

During a meeting of the Petersburg City Council Dec. 1, 1999, Tremblay explained that the initial resolution asked that the auditorium be named for Syd Wright but that original resolution was amended to include Vara, Wright's wife.

“This amendment was to pay tribute to her considerable contributions to the school and the community,” Tremblay said. “A consensus was reached by the school board to name it the Wright Auditorium.”

Tremblay explained he would like to see a committee formed to investigate how to adjust the display correctly. He suggested that someone from the school board along with members of the Mummers and possibly a member of the Wright family participate in the committee.

“I do know that the school board is strapped for cash, as everyone is these days,” Tremblay said. “Since this project will probably be funded by private donations, I'd like to put up the first $50 for whatever the correction will cost.”

Petersburg School Board President Jean Ellis stated that a committee would be a great idea and that involving the family is appropriate.

“It's right that it be called the Wright Auditorium,” Ellis said. “We need to find some way to enhance the display.”

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