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That’s what I’m talking about

To the Editor:

Tonight I was listening to the Republican National Convention and was awestruck by a speech given by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.  As I listened to his inspiring words, it was as if he was addressing the issue of the Petersburg Borough.  I would like to quote him here:

He said that in thinking about his children and grandchildren, “I don’t want their only inheritance to be an enormous government that has overtaxed, overspent and over-borrowed a great people into second-class citizenship.  Let us choose a path that will be remembered for generations to come, standing strong for freedom.”

Man, oh man.  That is what I’m talking about.  A vote for the Petersburg Borough will result in an enormous government that is over taxed, over spent, and over borrowed.  Just look at what they are talking about right now.  $2.2 million extra for the north harbor.  $1.4 million for Scow Bay property.  $500 thousand to promote the borough.  $57 thousand to ‘brand’ Petersburg.  Nearly $500 thousand for plans for a new police station.  $38 thousand for brass inlays in a sidewalk. What in blazes will they want if they become a borough 100 times bigger than they are right now?

And, his final words, “Standing strong for freedom”.  Here, here.  Let us stand strong for the last bit of free land in our area.  In the upcoming election just vote “NO” for the Petersburg Borough.

George Cole

Keene Channel

We see why you love Petersburg

To the Editor:

To the residents of Petersburg, Alaska: I had the occasion earlier this month to spend several days in your lovely town with a friend. We are from Eugene, Oregon, and thought that Eugenians were the friendliest, most welcoming folks in the U.S.  We were mistaken. While in your town, we were consistently amazed by the hospitality, helpfulness, and warmth that we received and I just want to thank you all for making the visit a memorable one. We weren’t prepared for the rain, and were given boots to borrow for our camping trip out in the muskeg. (Thank you Scott) The hotel staff at Scandia House were always ready to supply us with information regarding restaurants, hikes, etc... The library staff was exceptionally nice and the locals in there and around town were eager to engage in friendly conversation when it was obvious that we were from out of town (not wearing Xtra Tuffs.)

So, thank you, Petersburg. The final leg of our Alaskan journey was great and I can see why you love it there. Hopefully, if you visit Oregon some day, you will find the same level of hospitality.

Kelley Wilson

Borough election about choices

To the Editor:

I know there has been a lot of heat about the brobdingnagian Borough election, and I wanted to introduce my view. I think, yah, Martin Luther wanted equality and all, but what about the choices we make? Where we live is a part of the borough too. Even though the people who live out of city limits don’t have to pay taxes, they do make sacrifices like driving in and out of town everyday to do what they want, like get gas and groceries. That's a big sacrifice if people who live in town could just hop over to a store. Plus, I want what's the best for our school systems. I have seen ads saying that making Petersburg a borough, it will NOT improve our schools. So if I have made any flaws in my facts, I apologize, but all I'm saying is this election is all about choices.

    Trinity J. Davis, Age 11


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