September 6, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 36

Letters to the Editor

Sales tax


To the Editor:

I need to correct an error I perpetuated. I had been under the impression that the proposed Petersburg Borough could raise the sales tax rate without a vote of the people. This error was a result of my misreading Note 3 on page 37 of the petition wherein it says: “For years two through four, an annual 1% increase in Sales Tax has been considered.” I initially read this to mean the petitioners were ready and able to raise the sales tax rate from 6% to 9% over that 3-year period.

A careful reading of the proposed charter clearly shows the voters must approve any ordinance that proposes a change in the sales tax rate.

I regret the error and apologize for any heartaches or headaches this caused.

George Cole

Keene Channel

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