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Trading Union sends donation to Wounded Warriors Program


Shelly Pope

A Wounded Warrior Project poster on display in the Trading Union’s front window.

The Trading Union worked hard over the last two months to support the Wounded Warrior Program.

The program was created to help wounded soldiers returning from war and TU did its part to make sure the program works.

“For a small community, we had a great turnout for this program,” TU Manager Barry Morrison said. “We pushed it pretty hard at first, but this community gives so much for every event.”

According to Morrison TU ran out of window space for the flags that were sold inside the store.

“We had a lot of positive feedback from the community and several customers would buy one every time they came into the store,” Morrison stated. “It turned out better than expected, but we will make it bigger next year.”

The Wounded Warrior Project supports soldier with needs such as prosthetic, counseling, job search as well as a myriad of other programs.

“A visitor to the town, who had been wounded in Afghanastan, saw the flags on the window,” TU Office Manager Sue Slavin said. “They came in to talk to Ken and it was so gratifying to see the appreciation from this man.”

TU sent $389 that was raised with the sale of the flags and added an extra donation to make the total $500.

“We will definitely continue this program in the future,” Morrison said. “I look forward to being a part of it.”


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