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Fall brown bear season opens September 15th, 2012


(Sitka) — The brown bear hunting season in Game Management Unit 4 (GMU 4) opens September 15, 2012. The season is scheduled to run through December 31, 2012. Hunters must obtain a locking big game tag, valid hunting license, and current registration permit (RB077) before hunting. The registration permit is valid for taking one (1) brown bear in GMU 4 which includes Admiralty, Baranof, and Chichagof Islands.

In order to minimize the potential for closures by emergency order or a significant reduction in the 2013 spring hunts, the fall hunt will adhere to management mortality guidelines by island and sex. The total mortality target for this fall is 43 bears; 35 males and 8 females. These numbers represent an average mortality over the last 20 years.

As in previous years, nonresident and alien hunters must be accompanied by a guide. Successful hunters must report their kill to the Fish & Game office in Sitka or Douglas within ten (10) days of the kill date. The entire hide (with claws attached) and skull must be salvaged. Evidence of sex (penis sheath or vaginal opening) must remain naturally attached to the hide until it is sealed. The unfrozen hide and skull must be sealed within 30 days of the kill date. Hunters may harvest one brown bear every four regulatory years in GMU 4.

All permitted hunters, regardless if they hunted or not, must return hunt reports to the department by close of business January 15, 2013. Hunters who fail to report by the required date will not be eligible to receive permits during the next regulatory year. Additionally, the hunter’s name will be released to the Alaska Wildlife Troopers for possible enforcement action.

Please contact the Sitka area office at 747-5449 for more information.


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