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Council approves feasibility study


A resolution to support the City of Petersburg’s application to the Alaska Energy Authority’s renewable energy fund to allow a feasibility study evaluating renewable heating systems for certain public buildings was passed unanimously by the Council during its regular monthly meeting.

“This grant is a study looking at alternate ways to heat and power very specific buildings,” Petersburg Parks and Recreation Director Donn Hayes said. “This will include the municipal building, the aquatic center, the school district and Mountain View Manor.”

The City of Petersburg currently heats five buildings using fossil fuels and incurs in excess of $358,043.25 in total heating costs each year. The intention of representatives of the City is to install more efficient heating systems that make direct use of renewable energy if these systems will result in an overall energy savings to the City.

“This is an opportunity to get a grant to look at the buildings and see what the best alternatives will be for each individual facility,” Hayes said. “The hope is that once the AEA gives us the grant and we do the study, we can go back and ask for additional funds to actually put in place the recommendations that will be given.”

According to Hayes, new boilers are needed in almost all of the affected buildings.

“This study will determine the most logical course of action regarding the heating of these facilities,” said Hayes.


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