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Ocean Beauty proposes containers for housing


Ocean Beauty Seafood manager Cheryl Romeo requested the transfer of a conditional use permit allowing the placement of six 8 foot by 40 foot bunkhouses to the site of the old Ocean Beauty Bunkhouse at 15 Harbor Way during a regular Planning Commission meeting Thursday evening.

“Letters were sent to everyone in the zone,” Community Development Foreman Joe Bertagnoli said. “The only response we received was in support by Dave Ohmer of Trident Seafoods.”

Ohmer stated that this proposal goes along with the history of Ocean Beauty, the area they are going to move them has had the same type of use and it will add area impact to the neighbors.

“This is a much more cost effective housing structure,” Ohmer stated. “Ocean Beauty will benefit from this move as will the employees who will be closer to the community.”

A letter from Planning Commission member Ronn Buschmann was also received and read into the record.

As stated in Buschmann's letter a conditional use permit is site specific and this commission's job is to consider the suitability of the property, the character of the surrounding property and the proposed aesthetic effects of the property to be used in the community.

“There is a vast difference between the two sites,” Bushmann stated. “The community and Chamber of Commerce have been working to improve the downtown area and I believe this proposal runs counter to that effect.”

Romeo explained that she understands the concerns put before the commission.

“The downtown area is looking much better, and we all appreciate that as a community and as a business,” Romeo said. “The buildings we intend to move will be painted the same color as our plant and will look very similar to the newer bunkhouse that is in place.”

Romeo also explained that they are planning to add a roof to the buildings and have an artist commissioned to add rosemaling throughout the windows.

“We want this to blend in well with the buildings around us,” she stated. “We want the buildings to be a benefit to the community, as well as, our business.”

After much debate Romeo was asked to provide a detailed design plan for the commission to see. The matter was continued until Tuesday, Oct. 9 for the next regular meeting of the Petersburg Planning Commission.


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