September 20, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 38

Yesterday's News

September 22, 1982 - In 61 years of grocery history at Hammer and Wikan’s, one of the biggest changes has been the initiation of a charge for deliveries. Before, delivery was as common as it is now for shoppers to maneuver carts through the aisles and pick out their own onions and flour.

John Hammer and Andrew Wikan formed their partnership in 1921 to sell milk purchased from Point Agassiz farmers. They originally set up shop in a shed rented from Pacific Coast and Norway Packing Co., and in 1924 they bought the lot on which they began construction for their store. What is now Hammer and Wikan’s general store started as a 24-foot by 60-foot building for their milk business. Mrs. Hammer ran the store with Wikan in the summer, while Hammer gillnetted. In the fall the tables turned and Wikan took time off to troll and haul gravel in his boat, Lund.

Grocery items, hardware and fishing equipment were added and by 1926 they were doing well enough with their grocery line to drop the milk business.

In 1960 construction began on the new store adjoining the old building, and on Feb. 27, 1962, the new store was toasted with an open house.

September 17, 1992 - A new communications site which could benefit as many as 100 users in the Petersburg and Wrangell areas was installed Sunday on the summit of Crystal Mountain, according to Bruce Morgan of Alpine Communications & Electronics Inc. which constructed the facility.

The new system will provide telephone service for lodges, logging camps and residents of outlying areas within a 100-mile radius of the site, as well as make available mobile phones for fishing vessels and other vehicles.

The site will provide a multi-channel, trunked, mobile telephone service that will allow both mobile phone and rural subscriber telephone services to be offered.

September 19, 2002 - Governor Tony Knowles, his wife Susan, and Representative Peggy Wilson were on hand along with a substantial crowd Friday for the groundbreaking of the Mountain View expansion project. The project will roughly double the size of the existing facility.

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