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Road construction underway on Dolphin & N. Nordic


City of Petersburg Public Works officials, along with Petersburg Road Improvement Project Engineer, Matt McGuan, held the first of several progress meetings Thursday to keep the community abreast of the changes and what residents can expect.

There is a lot of activity going on around the Dolphin Street and Nordic Drive intersection and to date the construction crew of Dowl HKM has removed the pavement, curb, gutter and sidewalk of Dolphin.

“There are a few small sections of sidewalk, curb and gutter remaining to facilitate moving traffic in and out of the PIA parking lot,” McGuan said. “Those sections will be removed at a later date.”

According to McGuan, they have also installed the Dolphin Street storm drain outfall structure; separator manhole and associated storm drain piping.

The storm drainpipe up to the west side of the Dolphin Street and Nordic Drive intersection has also been installed. The storm drain piping and structures on the east side of Dolphin Street have been installed as well.

“New valves, baffles and separator manholes still need to be installed in that area,” McGuan stated. “Today, work crews are starting their sub-cut on Dolphin Street east.”

McGuan explained that the goal for this project next week will be to pour the curb and gutter on the east side of Dolphin Street.

“The curbs and gutters are what define the roadway,” he stated. “Then we will move on to the concrete pavement.”

According to McGuan, the project has been divided into four sections with the section from Dolphin Street north to the PFI bunkhouses being first and completed by the week of Nov. 5.

“Starting a project this late in the season is unusual,” McGuan said. “But we had to work around the two canneries with this section of the project.”

The next phase of the construction will begin March 2013 and will take place on Excel Street and Nordic Drive.

“We are wanting to get as much done as possible to not have a negative effect on Trident,” McGuan said. “This will be hard considering Trident only has one loading dock, where PFI had two.”

For the next two weeks the goal is to update the project website and create a public information email list.

Dowl HKM officials will hold a progress meeting every other week at 10 a.m. Thursdays in the City Council Chambers. The next meeting will be held Oct. 4.

“We welcome the public to come and express any concerns or ask questions,” McGuan said.

Project Superintendent Bryce Kidd said, “The winter project shutdown will be dictated by rain and weather, but is currently scheduled for Nov. 5.”


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