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October 13, 1982- She hasn’t heard a phone ring since early childhood and the ring of the doorbell is lost to her ears. The noises that keep life running smoothly for most of us still evade Petersburg resident Kathi Hammer, but a scraggly, two-year-old mutt is changing that.

Bingo, a tri-colored springer spaniel trained at the Applegate Behavior Center in Jacksonville, Ore., was delivered to Mrs. Hammer recently and is one of the first hearing ear dogs placed in Alaska.

The dog aids its master in the same manner as a seeing-eye dog simplifies a blind person’s life. When Mrs. Hammer’s infant son cries or when someone calls her name, the dog will paw her leg and lead her to the source of the noise. He attends to the phone, the doorbell, alarm clocks, smoke alarms and oven timers.

October 8, 1992- As of Tuesday morning ADF&G biologist Charlie Land provided the following information regarding the various moose hunts.

The Mitkof Island hunt is going well with 8 bulls having been taken.

Moose hunting on the Stikine River continues to be slow with only 12 bulls taken so far. The river has been raging over the past few days, keeping hunters at a minimum.

The Thomas Bay hunt is going very well. 15 bulls have been taken at this time. Hunters report seeing numerous cows with calves and several bulls.

October 10, 2002- The public boat ramp constructed at the Scow Bay Turnout this summer has attracted both human and canine patrons. The double-width ramp, best used at mid or high tide, is a joint venture between the City of Petersburg and several private citizens.

Ben Phillips of Tongass Marine bought the concrete from the old boat ramp ripped up during the Harbor expansion last year, and donated it to the City. Glenn Reid Jr. used his construction company’s equipment to transport the concrete, and the City built the ramp late this spring.


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