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City voters oppose increasing sales tax cap


The Petersburg City Council met Friday to finalize the results of Tuesday’s municipal election. The question to raise the sales tax cap in Petersburg from $1,200 to $1,700, failed by six votes.

Petersburg Mayor Al Dwyer and council tallied the votes of three questioned ballots and two absentee ballots that were received through the mail.

These votes did not change the outcome on proposition two. After the election, this measure was failing by only two votes and another four votes from the remaining ballots were all opposed to the increase.

The final tally was 396 No votes and 390 in favor of this proposition.

This measure was intended to bring more money into the city and make more funding available for Petersburg’s harbors.

The final count for proposition three to purchase the Reid Marine property failed by a much larger margin. This measure received 518 No votes and 276 votes in favor of the purchase.

The vote for proposition one to withdraw from the Inter-Island Ferry Authority ended with 631 in favor and 150 against.

Sue Flint and Nancy Strand were voted in to serve additional three-year terms on the city council. These two incumbents ran unopposed in this election.

Cheryl File will take a seat on the School Board, along with Sarah Holmgrain who both ran unopposed in Tuesday’s election.

Rocio Tejera, Jeanette Ness and Kris Norosz all won seats on the Hospital Board and Ronn Buschmann and Otis Marsh took seats on the planning commission.

There are still several vacant seats on city boards. Seats are available on the planning commission, utility advisory board and motor pool fund advisory committee. These spots and the council seat will be filled by appointment and the city is asking for people willing to serve in these positions.


Election Results

City Council

Two three-year terms

Susan Flint 619

Nancy Strand 564

City Council

One two-year term

No candidates filed

School Board

Two three-year terms

Cheryl H. File 597

Sarah Pawuk Holmgrain 608

Hospital Board

Two three-year terms

RocioTejera 593

Jeanette Ness –

Qualified Write In 66

Hospital Board

One one-year term

Kris Norosz 610

Planning Commission

Two three-year terms

RonnBuschmann –

Qualified Write In 158

Planning Commission

One two-year term

Otis Marsh 585

Planning Commission

One one-year term

No candidate filed

Library Advisory Board

Three three-year terms

Mary Ellen Anderson 598

Anne Hurt 574

Marilyn Menish-Meucci 546

Public Safety Advisory Board

Two three-year term

Jim Engell 612

Stan Hjort 564

Harbor and Ports Adv. Board

Two three-year terms

Bob Martin 576

Peter Schultz 190

Kurt Wohlhueter 551

Utility Advisory Board

Two three-year terms

Charles R. Martinez 491

Tom Sterns 459

Utility Advisory Board

Two two-year terms

Rocky Flint 632

Parks & Recreation Adv. Board

Two three-year terms

Kathi Riemer 638

Angel Worhatch 614

Proposition 1

Withdraw from IFA

Yes 631

No 150

Proposition 2

Raise Sales Tax Exemption Rate

Yes 390

No 396

Proposition 3

Purchase Deep Water

Port Property

Yes 276

No 518


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