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Police reports


October 17

A potential family dispute was reported on Dolphin Street.

October 18

A warning was issued for no headlights on S. Nordic Drive.

Loud music and television kept residents awake on Cornelius.

A vehicle with expired tags was parked over 24 hours on N. 1st Street.

Darcy Mallory, 28, was issued a citation for limitation on backing after a hit and run at 4th Street and Ira II.

A car with slashed tires was reported on the 300 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A bicycle was stolen from the Libby Straight bike path on Mitkof Highway.

Streetlights were down and not working on N. Nordic Drive. The construction company was notified.

An officer responded to juveniles running around in a closed area.

A vehicle was partially blocking a driveway on Balder. The driver was moving the vehicle when the officer arrived.

October 19

An abandoned bicycle was impounded at the 20 block of S. Nordic.

A vehicle was in a ditch on N. 3rd Street. The vehicle was impounded.

October 20

Officers responded to a noise complaint on Haugen Drive.

A verbal warning was given for bad driving and provisional violation to separate drivers at Papkes Landing.

October 21

A labor dispute that was determined civil was reported on Excel Street.

Neighbors on Kiseno Street were allegedly calling each other negative names and using vulgar hand gestures to each other.

October 22

Eli Tomal, 31, was arrested on charges of fourth degree assault and domestic violence on Sandy Beach Road.

Damage to signs at the high school was reported.

The power was out for two hours on Skylark.

October 23

There was a disabled vehicle on Mitkof Highway.

During this reporting period there were also four animal calls, three EMS calls and 11 burn permits issued.


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