November 8, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 45

Borough candidate list is complete

The time to file to run for borough office has come and gone and there are still remaining positions that will need to be filled after the election.

At this time, Mark Jensen and Don Koenigs are the two choices for mayor. The candidates that have filed for assembly seats are Sue Flint, John R. Havrilek, John Hoag and Nancy Strand. School Board candidates are Jean Ellis and Cheryl File.

Hospital Board candidates are Tom Abbott, Timothy Koeneman, Rocio Tejera and Darlene Whitethorn.

The remaining seats will be filled by appointment if the borough formation passes in election.

Those appointed to the positions will also be required to submit financial disclosure forms to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, APOC.

“That law cannot be changed until the October 2013 election,” Petersburg City Clerk Kathy O'Rear said. “That decision has to go to the voters.”

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