Kilkenny and Wright receive Distinguished Service Medal


Shelly Pope

Petersburg Police Chief Jim Agner awarded Petersburg Mental Health Services Therapists Kim Kilkenny and Chad Wright with the Distinguished Service Medals for service to the community during a police standoff at Frederick Point the night of Oct. 4.

Petersburg Mental Health Services Therapists, Kim Kilkenny and Chad Wright received the Distinguished Service Medal for their actions regarding a police standoff Monday evening during the Petersburg City Council’s regular meeting.

The Petersburg Police Department’s award program provides that a Distinguished Service Medal may be awarded for an act of distinct service by a private citizen to the Department which is determined to be of major proportions and has a significant impact on a primary facet of police operations.

The night of Oct. 4, Kilkenny and Wright chose to respond to a call where numerous police officers had to confront an individual who was described as intoxicated and depressed. He also had a rifle, had shot off rounds and was threatening to kill responding officers.

Kilkenny and Wright placed themselves in physical danger when they assisted in the safe apprehension of the individual.

The commendation also states that it is an understatement to declare that such an act was of major proportions since they risked their lives in an effort to save another’s. In addition, there is no more critical primary facet of police operations but to protect the public and at times the individual whose very actions puts the involved officers at risk.

“For Kim this is not an isolated act,” Petersburg Mayor Al Dwyer stated. “You have been contributing to this community since you were in school here, and your adult life has been devoted to helping others in the community as a whole.”

This was the first order of business for Chad Wright who was new to the position and the community.

“Chad, your conduct is remarkable given that you had just begun your employment at Petersburg Mental Health Services,” Dwyer stated. “You were literally just off the boat and went out and performed a risky and commendable service to the officers at the scene and to the community.”

“On behalf of the members of the Petersburg Police Department, the citizens of our community and the Petersburg City Council, we thank you for your exemplary service.” Dwyer said.

Other members of the community and police department were also instrumental in the apprehension of the individual.

“I believe that there should be more honors given too, not only the chief, but to Captain John Hamilton, Officer Jared Popp, Investigator Kalin Rosse, Officer Derek Thorsen, State Trooper Cody Litster, Brian Kilkenny, Patrice Huddle and Valarie Allen who all behaved admirably,” Petersburg City Councilor John Hoag stated.

The Force Science Institute has awarded a scholarship to one Petersburg Police Officer for them to attend a class dealing with the study and science of the human dynamics behind deadly force encounters.

“I am proud to award this scholarship to the Petersburg Police Department,” Hoag said.


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