November 22, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 47

Police reports

November 14

A burglary was reported on N. Nordic Drive.

An officer was notified of a vehicle collision at the 400 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A boat was removed from property without permission on Mitkof Highway.

An officer was notified of suspicious internet activity involving a minor on Wrangell Avenue.

November 15

Vehicles were parked in handicapped parking at the High School.

A vehicle was blocking the parking lot driveway on Dolphin Street.

Kids were playing in the construction area at Second Street and Haugen Drive.

November 16

An individual was driving with a revoked driver’s license from S. Nordic Drive to Lumber Street.

A single red flare was seen about a mile south of town at Scow Bay.

Equipment was on the roadway when it was dark with no lights or hazard indicators on Haugen Drive.

An individual came home and the door had been kicked in on Excel Street.

A caller reported a man hole cover had come off and he had replaced it at Tango and S. Nordic Drive.

An individual was reported speeding in a 20 mile per hour zone on the 200 block of N. Nordic Drive.

November 17

A possible scam was received in the mail.

An officer and fire department were notified of fuel leaking on the road on Howkan Street.

A large fire was reported in a shelter at Sandy Beach Park.

November 19

A vehicle needed to be moved or towed because it was impeding snow removal on the 500 block of Haugen Drive.

A vehicle was in a ditch at 12th and Haugen Drive.

An adult was throwing snowballs at a child on Lumber Street.

During this reporting period there were three animal calls, three EMS calls and four burn permits issued.

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