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Proposed Borough: Candidates

File seeks school board seat for proposed borough


Newly elected Petersburg City Schools Board member, Cheryl File, is the mother of three boys in the Petersburg schools and hopes to win a seat on the school board of the proposed Petersburg Borough.

File has been a resident of Petersburg for 18 years and volunteers her time for the Little League program and is now serving as a member of the school board in order to learn and become a part of the process.

“One of the main reasons I ran for the school board is that I felt there were not too many people on the board with kids in the school,” File stated. “I have been in the school constantly in the last three years trying to figure out how and why things are done the way they are so I decided to become more involved in the process.”

File is still undecided at this point regarding the passing of the proposed borough but she does think that it will be good for the school if it does.

“It is important to have the taxes for the school,” File said. “I do see benefits, but I also see the other side. That is one reason I put my petition in for the seat, I want to have a say and the Petersburg schools are excellent and they offer so much.”

File grew up in Juneau and she sees differences in the Petersburg schools compared to Juneau.

“I never saw parents in the school, they didn’t seem as friendly,” she stated. “Here you can feel comfortable going into the school, you can sit in the classroom, and you can volunteer. The teachers don’t seem to mind answering any questions you may have.”

According to File, when walking into the schools here they are inviting, happy and friendly.

“Another factor that the Petersburg schools has in its favor is Jaime Cabral [Petersburg City Schools Athletic Director and Dean of Students],” she stated. “He is a wonderful addition to this school and would not want my children to lose him.

She says there are small things she would like to see change in the schools in the future.

“I think it would be nice if the kids were able to choose their own exploratory classes academically,” File stated. “In the last school board meeting we discussed adding more middle school activities.”

According to File, there are six kids that participated in the cross-country meet in Ketchikan that do not participate in anything else but this one sport.

“I think those kids are important,” she stated. “We need to give this outlet to the kids that wish to be a part of it.”

File says she would like to continue on as a member of the school board for as long as her children are in school.

“I want to continue to learn and do my part,” she said. “I think everyone should do their part because our kids are important. They are our future.”

She also stated that education is one of the key elements for success.

“I have a lot to learn,” she stated. “But I have a direction I would like to see the school district go. I am at least in the position to bring it up for discussion. It may be my opinion to begin with, but there is always the chance to make it something solid for the community and the school district.”


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