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School district receives grants


The Petersburg City School District receives preliminary grant amounts for state and federal grants early in the school year and then an additional amount in October. PCSD received an additional $237,617 in grant funds this year. The PCSD School Board accepted the grants during its regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 20.

A grant in the amount of $105,193 was given by the No Child Left Behind Act and another $1,575 was received by the Migrant Book grant.

The Special Education program received $117,060 and $12,789 was received by the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Program.

The Alaska Dream Cruises, Allen Marine and the Allen family donated $1,000 to the school district to be used for student activities.

“The Alaska Dream Cruises and the Allen family are actually thanking the entire community,” Petersburg City Schools Superintendent Rob Thomason said. “It is nice that they would take the time to write and to recognize activities and contribute to our community as a whole.”


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