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PCSD's got talent!


Orin Pierson

Bud Bergen sang “Hotel California,” by the Eagles. Bergen was joined by Mizani Rawhani on guitar, Dan Cardenas on drums and Hannah Pfundt on bass. The crowd went wild.

Petersburg City School District's Junior class put forth a night of talent Thursday evening. The Masters of Ceremonies Skipper Erickson and Diane Murph announced act after act with one being just as entertaining as the other.

The night began with a rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” sung by Jaden Perry and Mikel Heppe with piano accompaniment by Liam Demko.

Voices raised in song were followed by Three Christmas Duets on brass instruments played by Bud Bergen and Skipper Erickson.

Kianna Kivisto and Althea Malone beautifully belted “This Land is Your Land,” which was followed by a moving poem written and recited by Patricia Jackson.

Marissa Nilsen sang “Safe and Sound,” with Katie Brock accompanying on the piano.

Smiles could be seen all around as Annie Christensen and her dog Libby performed tricks that made the most well behaved canine look clumsy. Libby jumped one board higher than the other to the delight of the audience.

“Mississippi Sawyer,” performed by Olivia and Ella Martinsen on the guitar and fiddle brought the country right into the theater.

Hannah Pfundt and Izabelle Ith danced to “Shout,” and after all of the tricks, leaps, jumps and turns the crowd was just as tired as they were.

After a short intermission, the house was brought to their feet when Bud Bergen sang “Hotel California,” by the Eagles. Bergen was joined by Mizani Rawhani on guitar, Dan Cardenas on drums and Hannah Pfundt on bass. Their rendition of a classic song had the whole crowd singing along.

During the skit entitled “School Counseling” Jaime Cabral, Rick Dormer and Joyce Burk-Biggs (not pictured) broke into an uncontrollable fit of “Gangam Style.”

Rawhani, Cardenas and Pfundt followed with a rock medley that kept the audience on its feet and Cardenas finished this section with a drum solo that was out of this world.

The PCSD staff of Jaime Cabral, Rick Dormer and Joyce Burk-Biggs, made a huge impression on the crowd as they all broke into a Gangnam style dance.

Fran Abbott and Stephanie Pfundt sang “Homeward Bound,” with JoAnn Day accompanying on piano.

Abbott also played piano herself as she sang “Skinny Love,” and “Imagine,” with the voice of an angel.

Alexi Vasquez, Joec Randolph and Ashley DuRoss performed a Japanese dance with precision and grace while Andrew Duddles and Kirk Evens performed a skit about being stuck to the floor.

The evening closed with Loveena Ortiz playing the ukulele and singing “I'm Yours,” which received a standing ovation from the audience.


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