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Police reports


November 28

An individual was reported trespassing on Charles W Street.

A vehicle was on the roadway with no taillights on N. First Street.

A protective order was requested on S. Second Street.

November 29

Officers responded to a disabled vehicle that had lost a tire at Haugen and Nordic Drives.

An individual was riding a bicycle on the snowy road with no hands and allegedly veering out into traffic on S. Nordic Drive.

Officers were notified of kids throwing ice balls at cars on Fourth Street and Haugen Drive.

A caller reported a loud ATV on the road going very fast and running stop signs on Third Street and Ira II.

November 30

An individual allegedly urinated in public at the 200 block of N. Nordic Drive.

A warning was issued for a stop sign violation on Sing Lee Alley.

Snowballs were being thrown at a residence on Dolphin Street.

December 1

A possible assault was reported outside an establishment on Chief John Lott Street.

A manhole cover was ajar at the 800 block of S. Nordic Drive.

Officers were notified of vehicles running flaggers stop sign at 7 mile Mitkof Highway.

An officer was requested on Lansing for a possible family dispute.

Officers were notified of a group of young individuals throwing snowballs at vehicles on Ira II and Sixth Street.

December 2

A vehicle was parked in the middle of the bridge obstructing traffic on Sing Lee Alley Bridge.

A piece of boat trailer was set on the side of the road on the 700 block of S. Nordic Drive.

Officers were notified of an individual who fell off a snowboard while being pulled by a 4-wheeler on Sixth Street and Haugen Drive.

December 3

A parked vehicle was impeding snow removal operations at N. Third Street.

Fishing poles and dip net was stolen from a yard on Lumber Street.

A vehicle was blocking the roadway on Valkyrie Street.

A vehicle was in a ditch on Fifth Street and Haugen Drive.

The stop sign at Unimak and Odin was covered by trees and snow.

Two vehicles went off the road due to slippery conditions at Wrangell Avenue and N. Second Street.

Nicholas Hendry, 21, was arrested on the charge of harassment on N. Nordic Drive.

A residence was shot with paintballs on Ira II.

December 4

A warning was issued for stop sign requirements on Charles W. Street.

Public Works reported vehicles blocking snow dump area and lower portion of roadway on Lumber Street.

A vehicle slid through the stop sign and into a ditch on Aaslaug and Valkyrie. Drivers were unable to get out of the ditch without a tow.

An accident was reported at Wrangell Avenue and Galveston.

During this reporting period there were four animal calls, one EMS call and four burn permits were issued.


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