December 13, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 50


Cast your borough vote

Remember to fill-out your borough ballot and return it to election officials by next Tuesday, Dec. 18. The election for the Petersburg Borough will go down in history as the single most significant referendum to be decided for decades to come.

Juneau officials hope Petersburg’s borough formation proposal fails because the door will be flung open for them to expand their borough boundary well into Petersburg’s back yard.

Petersburg will lose rights to:

• 1,700 acres in state land that will be granted to the borough.

• $600,000 in transition funding to set up the new borough government.

• Approximately $632,000 in ADDITIONAL tax revenue from bed and sales taxes and state revenue sharing annually.

The existing city government will dissolve and be replaced by a Borough government. City employees will become borough employees. The City of Kupreanof will continue to operate as they have in the past.

Most important, by contributing 4 mills in property tax, most of which will fund schools, the residents of the outlying areas of the borough will contribute to many of the services they currently enjoy for free.

Petersburg’s borough petition isn’t a willy-nilly off-the-wall proposal dreamed up by a money hungry, tax-levying demagogue. Months of work and many revisions went into the document that was thoroughly vetted by the public, attorneys and members of the Local Boundary Commission. Were the plan flawed, financially, legally or otherwise, the election being conducted this month would not be taking place.

The borough election will ultimately show what kind of people we are. Traditionally, we’re not a timid, provincial and isolated bunch that thinks things are just fine the way they are. We trust this election will show we’re progressive, resourceful and aware of the new opportunities available to us with the formation of a borough government that will allow us to chart a new future full of new possibilities for both the public and private sectors of this community.

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