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December 22, 1982: At a fireside meeting in the Social Hall (at Mountain View Manor) on Friday evening, it was decided that the Senior Citizen’s should have a newsletter and share all the ‘goings on’ with the rest of Petersburg. Each month we will attempt to write the news of the month; parties, birthdays, new grandchildren, etc. Over the five months that Ann and Alice have been in residence, they have been very busy processing applications, helping tenants get settled, purchasing equipment and supplies, contacting the contractor and subcontractors to repair the little things that go wrong in a new building. They are enjoying their new work and are very fortunate to have such a great group of ladies and gentlemen in occupancy. Those in residence are; Adeline Bloomer; Ralph Young; Sophie and Charles Rosel; Magnhild Lee; Myrna Connors; Virginia & Bill Lemke; Elsie & Avery Lohrey; Daisy Davis; Bob Nelson; Nina Bergman; Clara & Royal Duval; Pauline Blatchford; Julia Robinson; Herb Reid; Larine Espeseth; Dawn Burkhart; Edna Goodrich; Alice Davis; Ray Folger; Alexandra & Ralph Hall; Beulah Haltiner & Lee Bomke. Eva Jones is expected to arrive and take up residence here in December or January.

December 10, 1992: Petersburg residents and migrating birds on the Stikine River delta are featured on this week’s Rain Country program on public television. Each spring hundreds of thousands of migrating birds stop on the delta to feed. In May TV crews from public televisions Rain Country program taped a story about the birds and Forest Service research about them. “Birds of a Feather” airs on Rain Country program on KTOO-TV. The program features Chris Iverson, formerly of Petersburg, who helped coordinate Forest Service research on the migrating birds. Also on the program are Ken Burton of Petersburg and Robert Claire of Wrangell who conducted research on the ground.

December 26, 2002: Recently hired Economic Development Coordinator Eric Phillips has spent the last two weeks unpacking boxes, shaking a lot of hands and preparing to put forth the general ideas which will shape Petersburg’s economic agenda. Phillips says he has been talking to as many people as possible to try and get a “360-degree” perspective on the city’s economy and prospects. “I’m talking to people trying to form my own opinions and doing some research” he says. When he left his last position he’d been traveling frequently, working on projects for over 40 communities in five counties; Phillips says he’s looking forward to putting all his effort into a single, tightly focused agenda.


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