December 20, 2012 | Vol. 39, No. 51

City is working with PIA to possibly replace the Rasmus Enge Bridge

Petersburg Public Works Department continues to replace planks on the Rasmus Enge Bridge, [Sing Lee Alley Bridge], Petersburg City Manager Steve Giesbrecht reported during his Managers Report during the regular meeting of the Petersburg City Council Monday evening.

“We are replacing planks as they wear out on the bridge,” Giesbrecht said. “But we are hoping to find funding to explore options for this bridge.”

Giesbrecht and Petersburg Indian Association Roads Director Will Ware discussed the possibilities of funding through the PIA organization.

“We have received funds from the Denali Commission in the past but it does not appear that Denali will be getting enough money for projects such as this,” Giesbrecht stated. “We are hoping to work closely with PIA on this project, but in the meantime we will be watching the bridge very closely.”

Giesbrecht reported that the Petersburg Public Library will be closed from Dec. 24 to Jan. 2 for inventory, maintenance and other work that needs to be completed to prepare for the new facility.

The pool will also be closed from Dec. 17 to 25 for maintenance.

“We chose to close the facility for this week before the Christmas break,” Giesbrecht stated. “The maintenance will be completely finished and the facility will be open for use during the break.”

Winter Camp through Parks and Recreation will begin Dec. 26.

“There will be a “Drive-in” movie at Parks and Recreation to raise money for the movie theater,” Giesbrecht stated. “The movie will be a double feature of Cars and Cars II.”

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