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Students honored by school board


Students, faculty, administration and parents crowded into the City Council Chambers for the purpose of receiving letters of appreciation for their contributions to the school and community through their efforts in sports, band, choir and September and October students of the month.

“This is something we do about three times a year to let the students know how much we appreciate them,” PCSD Board President Jean Ellis stated. “It's nice to do something that celebrates the kids rather than the regular day to day.”

Awards went to Mizani Rawhani as a state championship competitor for track and field and Robyn Schwartz, Abigail Taylor, Abigail Johnson, Diane Murph and Grace Weller as region V winners and state championship competitors for track and field.

Grace Weller was also awarded as a state championship competitor for cross country along with Kylie Wallace, Francis Abbott, Nicole Petersen, Stephanie Pfundt and Robyn Schwartz.

Abel Aulbach was honored as a region V and state championship winner for swimming and diving. Vince Kowalski, Evan Marsh, Skipper Erickson, Ian Fleming, Shalie Dahl, Shania Dahlberg, Grace Weller and Eva Kowalski were awarded as state championship competitors for swimming and diving.

Kris Thorsteinson and Samantha Marifern were named September Students of the Month and Tyler Lantiegne and Marlena Erickson were named Students of the Month for October.

Bud Bergen, Aden Martinsen and Skipper Erickson were awarded for region V honor band and Fran Abbott, Hannah Pfundt, Robyn Schwartz, Stephanie Pfundt, Maura Sullivan, Daniel Cardenas and Mizani Rawhani were awarded for region V honor choir.

Bud Bergen received an award for the All-State Music Festival in Band and Fran Abbott and Stephanie Pfundt received the award for All-State Music Festival in Choir.

Maura Sullivan, Fran Abbott, Bud Bergen and Stephanie Pfundt were awarded for the 2013 All-Northwest Choir.

John Brooks, Bret Martinsen, DJ Toyomura, Kaleb Simbahon and Kris Thorsteinson were awarded as state championship competitors for wrestling.

“These kids are so dedicated,” Ellis stated. “We have had a good turnout for this reception and we are so proud of our students.”


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