Petersburg Pilot -


By Ron Loesch 


A time to work together


While we’re elated that the initial election results favor the formation of the new Petersburg Borough, we will enjoy even more the silenced debate over the divisive topic.

Those on both sides of the issue expressed passionate positions on the proposed borough. As we await final ballot tallies, we hope all residents of the borough will contemplate the new possibilities Tuesday’s election has brought forth.

The formation of a borough government will take time, as administrators transition from a city to a borough, as vacant elected positions are filled and throughout the process, questions from the constituents are answered.

We recall when Scow Bay was annexed into the city. Tensions ran high and fear of the new government was evident at each city council meeting. Through discussions and debate, trust was built and relationships formed that unified the two groups of residents that were formerly separated by a boundary line. In the end, everyone learned to work together, and today it’s difficult to imagine life prior to the annexation.

We believe that same transition can take place once the new borough is established.

What better time than Christmas for this community to patch up differences and to wish each other well, as we celebrate this season of Christ’s birth.


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