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By Ron Loesch 


Year-end bits & pieces


We were surprised to hear that 337 mail-in ballots remain to be counted by the Division of Elections. We guessed that 100 to 150 more ballots would be the likely number of late returns for the borough election whose deadline was Dec. 18. We doubt the election outcome will change, as approximately two-thirds of the final ballots would have to be cast against borough formation, to alter the outcome.

George and Florabelle Rice stopped by to show us their White House Christmas card. They supported President Obama’s re-election and received the holiday card, which was signed by Michelle, both daughters and the President.

ObamaCare isn’t good enough for Obama or Congress according to emails being sent across the country. It seems that if the new national health care plan is worthy of everyday citizens, perhaps the President and Congress should give up their gold-plated health care coverage and join the rest of the nation who will get by under the terms of Obama’s plan.

Samantha Marifern and Ian McCallum’s prom photo appeared in Pacific Fishing’s December edition. The couple dressed in Grunden rain gear, appeared at the prom in May sporting orange attire and Xtra-Tuf footwear.

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We wish everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year and again, thank you for your support of our endeavors.


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