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January 5, 1983 - Approval for the city to pay for the repairs of four streets in the Scow Bay area has been given by the Petersburg City Council.

The council voted 5 – 1 to pay 100 percent of the cost of repairs for Hungerford Hill, Cornelius Road, Kings Row and Odin’s Lane. City Manager Richard Underkofler asked the council to decide something Monday night about the roads in the area.

We have been talking about this since August. It’s time to decide what to do,” he said.

January 7, 1993 - The Petersburg General Hospital Board will invite public comments on a proposed medical clinic during an open hearing at 7:30 pm next Thursday in the hospital board room.

Being eyed is a $5,000,000 modular facility to be placed on the hospital’s upper parking lot.

The hospital has had a temporary interior clinic since last June.

The purpose of the clinic would be to centralize local medical practice in one 3,025 square foot building with space for up to four practitioners. The board also hopes to attract a third permanent physician to town with the new modern facility, according to Hospital Administrator Gary Grandy.

January 2, 2003 - Crew members of the Coast Guard cutter Anacapa will have a little Viking strength under their feet from now on; they recently incorporated a Viking head, part of their ship’s logo, into the design of the ship’s deck. “Instead of doing the traditional stuff we did the Viking head both to tie us to the community, and represent us as the Anacapa” said crew member Danny Graves. “We want to identify with the town here, so when people come on board the boat when we’re in different places especially, they’ll say ‘well, what’s this about?’ and we can say we’re from Petersburg. We want to show our ties to the community, not just that we’re Coast Guard people but we’re actually part of Petersburg.”


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