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January 12, 1983 – Alaska Airlines took a DC – 9 Super 80 for a test drive Jan. 5 through Southeast Alaska and made a stop in Petersburg.

Alaska Airlines is “looking at the next generation of airplanes,” Kenneth F. Skidds, vice president of services for Alaska Airlines said.

Skidds said the airlines is trying to keep the fleet under seven years old. The Super 80 is just one airplane the company is looking at to buy.

January 14, 1993 – Some merchants were cheered by increased retail sales in Petersburg during the Christmas shopping season, hoping there were signs of a break in the recession.

But bankers were more conservative, noting that increased local business activity may mean nothing more than than people are staying closer to home during the Yule holidays than in the past. After all, less money means less traveling.

January 9, 2003 – After a year’s closure, Mitkof Cannery will be reopening this summer and running at full capacity, Terry Gardner of Norquest said this month.

Counting everyone from engineers to cooks, Mitkof cannery will be employing about 90 people this summer, said Gardner.

A couple of noticeable changes are in the works for this coming season, including an expanded fillet operation.


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