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Assembly temporarily changes meeting schedule


The Petersburg Borough Assembly made a temporary change to the meeting schedule to possibly invite members outside the city limits to participate in the new government.

“I would like to make a change in the meeting times for two reasons,” Assembly member John Havrilek said. “This would be more friendly to any out of town people and people from across the way that may wish to come. I would like to have at least one of the monthly meetings at noon.”

Havrilek chose the first meeting of the month to be held at noon so that people that have to travel to get here will be able to travel safely and during the day.

“I would like for us to be more inviting to those across the way and out the road to not only participate but fill the empty seats we have,” Havrilek stated. “We are always talking about recruiting people from the new borough, this way we can make it more convenient and if nothing else than safer travel.”

There was one main objection to the change in schedule.

“I prefer evening meetings, but that is mainly for those who work,” Petersburg Borough Mayor Mark Jensen said. “If people who work want to participate in a meeting it will cost them money, but if this is the wish of the assembly then, so be it.”

The schedule change was passed by the assembly with a vote of four to one.


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