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Big adventure ahead

To the Editor:

The newly created Petersburg Borough stands poised at an epic transformation. The big question is: How can we achieve unity in the overall populace?

No other organized borough in Alaska hails any ethnic group as a component in it’s composition either in it’s name or group as a component in it’s motto/slogan/by line/ tag line. Why? It would be devisive and discriminatory, degrading every other person outside the named group.

Our new organized borough now includes lands and waters and people far outside the tiny landmass that once was just the City of Petersburg and the many in the community suggest that to help bring everyone in it’s new boundaries together, we remove the old ethnic biases and trumpet instead our far superior, ethnically diverse, multi – faceted far ranging lifestyles living in harmony and support of one another, reaching toward the common good in a spirit of acceptance, tolerance and respect.

We are a small community in life’s grand adventure, blessed with a cornucopia of grandeur that surrounds us and binds us together in our enjoyment of life here.

May that be the guilding principle of all our borough governmental leadership officials, both now and centuries into the future.

Member of the “small community with the big adventure”

Jerry Laubhan

Fiscal feast

To the Editor:

I was distressed to see that Petersborough is following in the same irresponsible fiscal footsteps as the former City of Petersburg (RIP). I went to the meet and greet last Tuesday (Jan 15) at the assembly chambers and saw a lavish feast spread over a long table groaning under the load. A borough matron invited me to partake. I asked her who paid for the food and she replied that the borough had paid for it. I declined her offer and told her that was an inappropriate use of taxpayer money. It is bad enough that we have to pay for their lavish salaries; we should not have to pay for them to literally eat at the public trough. I did have two brownies after Sue Flint told me she paid for them and baked them herself. Thank you, Assemblyperson Flint.

I read in the Petersborough fish wrapper that our Borough Manager wants to send more money out of Petersborough by giving a friend of his $30,000 to find a new police chief. Hey Manager G, give me the 30K and I’ll sweet-talk my friend Bruce Westre into taking the job. He is certainly qualified and I think he would rise to the occasion to save his beloved community. After he takes the job, I’ll give the whole amount to the Volunteer Fire Department where it will stay in the community.

George Cole

Keene Channel

School Board clarification

To the Editor:

I’m writing to clarify when current Petersburg School Board Members will be up for re-election under the new Petersburg Borough. Cheryl File and I were elected in the Borough election which dictates serving until the year we each drew, Cheryl File 2015 and Jean Ellis 2016. The three newly appointed members will serve until the Borough election in October of 2014. At that time three seats will be available, one for each of the following years, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Thus the remainder of each term will be filled at the October 2014 election. When the election occurs the appointed members may choose which seat, if any, they wish to run for. The School Board appreciates the continuing coverage of School related items, including the School Board, by the Petersburg Pilot.

Jean Ellis

The numbers

To the Editor:

Well I am still waiting to see what the final vote was on the borough – how many for and how many against. Since the city spent so much money to push for it, I would have thought they would have the final numbers splashed across the front pages of the Petersburg Pilot.

Now that we are (supposedly) A borough, the money is going to start rolling in, Maybe we can fill the potholes in all the streets and replace all the rotten planks in the Sing Lee Alley bridge without waiting for grants.

It is already costing the city to have the senior citizens come in and fill out new information and have new pictures taken for the senior exemption cards. None of us are getting any younger and since the numbers are not going to be changed, why not be practical and just have anyone that is 65 and hasn't had a card come in?

Sigrid Medalen


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