January 31, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 5

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News from 10-20-30 years ago

January 26, 1983 - Leroy Fairbanks of Petersburg will be among twenty five recruit Alaska State Troopers and fish and wildlife protection officers that will begin 13 weeks of intensive training this month at the Department of Public Safety Academy in Sitka. Fairbanks is a recruit trooper.

They comprise the members of the 37th Recruit Academy for the Department of Public Safety.

During the next 13 weeks the recruits will be engaged in a rigorous training program involving 8 – 10 hours of training daily, six days a week. This will include both physical and classroom training with graduation scheduled for April 15.

January 28, 1993 – Petersburg General Hospital is heading for new technology with the nod given last week to Lab/RadiologyManager Sally Guiney to get new diagnostic equipment.

The board on Thursday approved by a 5 – 1 vote the lease-purchase of two machines costing about $33,000.

Dissenting was member Paul Anderson, who said, “In light of everything thats going on we're not even sure the hospital will be open. It may be better to wait a month.”

January 30, 2003 – The Public Works Department held an orientation this Monday evening to introduce residents to a salvage program which promises to attract do - it - yourself types and junk hounds from all over the island. Now, locals will be able to get salvage permits enabling them to gather parts and other materials from the landfill.

The program, says Karl Hagerman of public works is the result of local requests. “Because of where we are and living on an island a lot of people here end up tinkering and fixing their own stuff anyway, and the only problem is there was a lack of parts.”

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