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February 2, 1983 - The acute care building of the Petersburg General Hospital should be “razed, torn down” when the new building is completed, the administrator of the hospital said.

Craig Slater said it is estimated that the building would cost $450,000 to renovate. Even then the building is not suited for offices and they could not utilize every portion of the building, he said.

Slater spoke to the Hospital Board at their meeting Jan.25. The board decided to bring up the issue at their next meeting.

February 4, 1993 - Faced with fewer students and reduced income, the Petersburg Public Schools plan to ask about $350,000 more from the city this year than they did in FY92-93.

At a special budget hearing Tuesday, Superintendent Mary Francis told board members the school board members the schools need $1,563,166 in local funding next year, compared with the $1,207,309 the district received in municipal funding this year.

The total budget projected for this year is $4,567,032, about the same as last year, but due to inflation buying less for the district.

February 6, 2003 - The Rasmuson Foundation said after their visit last week that granting funding for a Petersburg Aquatic Center will depend largely on the seriousness with which other funding sources are pursed, reported City Parks and Recreation director Ryan McFarland at Monday evening's council meeting.

Diane Kaplan, Rasmuson Foundation president and a non-voting member of the group, visited to gather information about the project and provided information about other grant programs, which could be used to obtain additional funding, explained McFarland.


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