PFVD Family Activity Night is a teaching event


Shelly Pope

Wyatt Anderson is decked out in bunker gear at one of the stations during PVFD's Family Activity Night.

The Petersburg Volunteer Fire Department hosted a Family Activity Night Saturday evening and kids and adults alike learned, enjoyed and toured the facility.

A smoke house, which was borrowed from Wrangell, was set up in the parking lot. This allowed those inside to experience what it is like to go through a house full of smoke.

“We fill the house up with breathable smoke,” PVFD Firefighter Devren Bennett said. “Someone has to call 911 and then make their way to the other end of the house and out the window.”

The exercise was a fun way to inform kids about the proper way in which to get out of a house if it is on fire.

Inside the fire hall, different stations were set up to educate the public including a tour of the ambulance and a chance for kids to actually bandage each other and their parents.

The children were also able to sit in the fire engine and see what the firefighters see as they make their way to an incident.

A station was set up to show the public the different tools that are used to get into vehicles and homes during a fire and demonstrations were also available with some.

A table full of oxygen tanks and masks were there for kids to try on. Each of the kids was able to experience the weight of the gear and what it takes for the Petersburg volunteers to be involved at a scene.

The bunker gear was in another station where kids could try on the firefighter's uniform. The weight of some of the gear was a little daunting for some children.

Brock Martin and PVFD Junior Firefighter Xerina Hilburn staffed the station for the heat sensitive camera. As kids went into a dark room, they were able to see the heat left behind by their hand on the wall.

The event showed what the PVFD does for the community each day.

Shelly Pope

PVFD Junior Firefighter, Ben Zarlengo (left) and PVFD Firefighter Devren Bennett (right) check the equipment and oxygen tanks before showing a group how it works.


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