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Stedman Barn Dance

To the Editor:

I am a little late on writing this but figured better late than never. I would personally like to thank all those who helped and volunteered for the Barn Dance. Not having any past experience with how they have run, I think this years was a great success. We couldn't have done it with out the many teachers, staff, parents and students who volunteered. We would like to thank Hammer and Wikan for donating items and the community for coming out and enjoying this great event. I'm sure I am missing people or places to thank but just know if you had a hand in the Barn Dance you are greatly appreciated.

Heidi Cabral and P. i. E.

(Partners in Education)

Cub Scout Thank You

To the Editor:

Petersburg Cub Scout Pack 1034 wants to offer a big Cub Scout cheer for the local residents who spent their day sharing knowledge of local wildlife, trapping and trap-making skills. On February 2, over 30 cub scouts and their parents welcomed Charley Steuli, Ted Sandhofer, Jason Dungan, and Laife Weathers who demonstrated an impressive range of tools and tips about wildlife, their habits, and the ways people use wildlife (trapping, handicraft, etc.). Displays included a variety of animal hides and skulls, and demonstrations on how to build and set your own primitive traps. There were also lots of examples of more modern trap sets used to harvest fur bearers from the forest that surrounds us. It was and active, fun and loud event.

As Cub Master and Webelos Den Leader, I want to say how much I appreciate people giving their time to scouts. Parents and other adults who give of their time are the energy that makes scouting fun, and it really shows. After this pack meeting, several parents commented that it will be tough to out-do this incredible event, and I agree.

I would also like to offer my appreciation to those who were asked to participate and could not, only because they were out checking their trap lines that day. There may yet be a chance to work with you and some of the more interested scouts who seem eager to develop their trapping skills. Cub Scouts enjoy support from our community and we're always ready to take on new boys and adult volunteers (hint, hint) interested in scouting. We have some engaged leaders this year and a strong foundation to work from, thanks to many years of support from the Erickson and Murph families, who've given much time to building a positive scouting program in Petersbrug.

Jason Anderson

Cub Master Pack 1034


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