February 21, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 8

Assembly fills board vacancies

The Petersburg Borough Assembly appointed interested parties to the vacancies on the Planning and Zoning Commission, Hospital Board and Land Selection Committee during its regular meeting Tuesday evening.

The seven positions that were vacant for planning and zoning were filled by David Kensinger, Susan Thomason, Dona Malhoit Laubhan, Ronn Buschmann, Otis Marsh and James Demko with Thomason being named chairperson for that committee.

Only one letter of interest was received for the three vacancies on the hospital board and one of those positions was filled by Kristine Kissinger.

The Land Selection Committee is an Ad Hoc Committee that will investigate and recommend to the Assembly what State lands within the borough boundaries should be acquired by the Borough. There were 10 letters of interest from residents willing to fill these positions. The Assembly appointed Sam Bunge, Rick Braun, Jim Stromdahl, Ronn Buschmann, Liz Cabrera, David Kensinger, Mike Bangs, Robin Leekley, Dona Malhiot Laubhan and Gerald Laubhan with Braun being named chairperson of this committee.

Members of the Assembly act as liaisons to many of the boards and committees within the Borough and the assembly chose which of these they would be a part of for the next term.

Petersburg Borough Assembly Mayor Mark Jensen will take part in the Southeast Conference, Alaska Municipal League and will be a liaison to the motor pool. Newly appointed Assembly member Kurt Wohlhueter will act as liaison to the Harbor Advisory Board. New Assembly member Cindi Lagoudakis will work with the Parks and Recreation Board as liaison.

Assembly member John Hoag will remain a member of the Finance Committee and act as liaison to the Public Safety Advisory Board. Assembly member Sue Flint will remain with the Finance Committee for the next term.

Assembly member Nancy Strand will continue on the Finance Committee, be a liaison to the Utility Advisory Board and took on a new position on the Local Emergency Planning Committee. Assembly member Strand was appointed to the Economic Development Council by retired mayor Al Dwyer. Strand will also continue as Mayor Jensen's designee for this council.

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