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Ronimous Jr. receives honors for military service


Marvin Ronimous

After 28 years of service to the US Army and Army National Guard, Marvin E. Ronimous Jr. retired in June of 2011.

Recently Ronimous received honors for his service to the military. The Meritorious Service Medal was awarded for his steadfast service and devotion to mission accomplishment placed him at the top of his field.

As stated on the certificate given to Ronimous, his duty performance and dedication reflect great credit upon himself, the Alaska Army National Guard and the United States Army.

“I started in the regular Army in 1976,” Ronimous stated. “I did six years of regular service and was out for some time and then joined the Alaska Army National Guard.”

Ronimous stated that it was a surprise that he received the Meritorious Service Medal.

“That is a very high honor,” he stated. “I only received this about a month ago. I was told I was put in for the award about a year ago, but I really didn't expect it. It was a shock and my dad was really proud of me.”

According to Ronimous, he was the type of person that would always go beyond what was needed and do more for his unit. He believes his dedication to his job is one of the biggest reasons for being awarded this honor.

Ronimous was also awarded the Alaska Distinguished Service Medal for exceptional meritorious service in the Alaska Army National Guard.

“I was a part of big changes in the battalion,” Ronimous said. “We went from a scout battalion to a military police battalion for the last three years I was in.”

Ronimous stated that he joined the military in 1976 mainly because he didn't like school and was ready to do something else with his life.

“I did my basic at Fort Knox Kentucky, and it gave me an opportunity to help my folks move here to Petersburg,” Ronimous stated. “My father was offered a position with the police department as a corporal.”

Between his basic training and his deployment to Germany he made sure to help his parents become settled in their new home.

“At the time, I didn't realize I could do 20 years in the regular military and retire with pay,” Ronimous said. “I could have retired at the age of 37.”

He stated that four and one half years of the six years he spent in the military, he was stationed in Germany and as he was getting ready to re-enlist they informed him he would have to stay in Germany so he separated from the Army at that point.

“I was a young kid at that time and I wanted to see other places,” Ronimous said. “I really didn't do much traveling after I got out, but I saw a lot of Europe while I was in Germany and was able to show my parents Europe as well.”

Ronimous' sister was also stationed in Germany at that time.

“I am waiting now, to retire from the Petersburg Borough, and I plan to do a lot of traveling then,” Ronimous stated. “I want to go all over the lower 48. I'm ready to see the country.”

He explained that he has it all planned and will keep his house here to have a place to live when he isn't traveling.

“I have about five or six years left with the Borough in order to retire,” Ronimous said. “This will be home as long as I have family here, but I am ready to travel.”

He stated that he would like to drive from coast to coast and see all of the National Parks and Monuments.

“I like to drive,” Ronimous stated. “I don't get to do a lot of driving here.”

Ronimous explained that his time in the military will make the future he wants possible and he is thankful for the time he gave to his country.

“I have been lucky with my military service,” Ronimous said. “I am proud of my service time but I am ready for the next stage in my life.”


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