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By Ron Loesch 


Fence mending will be difficult


The season of silence between the borough vote in December 2012, and the formation of assemblies, commissions, boards and committees suggested that those opposed to the formation of the Petersburg Borough might accept the election results. We hoped all would prepare to work together under the new borough.

After all, many of the more vocal borough opponents drafted the very charter that provided the outline for the new government entity.

Instead, this week the assembly is lambasted for the appointments they made to the assembly, filling vacant seats on their body (see letters to the editor).

Remember, every person in the city and within the proposed borough had the opportunity to run for election to the new assembly. Everyone that ran was elected (with the exception of Don Koenigs who withdrew his name after the state’s deadline had passed).

With that in mind, why didn’t folks like Bob Lynn run for office? It’s very likely that he would have been elected to the assembly, along with all the other candidates who ran for the elected positions.

The criticism from Dana Thynes & others should fall on deaf ears. To suggest that assembly member Hoag’s question of the candidates concerning the bonding for construction of a new police station was a, “secret handshake,” for selection and admission to the borough assembly is unconscionable.

Remember folks, the police station is literally falling down, and it needs to be replaced. If state money isn’t provided, there is a good chance we may end up paying for this new government owned structure ourselves.

The hand of reconciliation is and has been extended by the assembly. Nothing was or has been stolen from anyone within the new borough boundaries. For representation, we feel Dana Thynes, Bob Lynn and others should have run for seats on the assembly, not sit on the sidelines.

The extension of the hand of reconciliation and efforts to mend fences will certainly fail if such letters of criticism are leveled at the assembly members who are working to form an inclusive, not exclusive form of government. The assembly offered an afternoon of cookies, coffee and questionnaires and some have literally bitten the hands that fed them.



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