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Assembly supports skaters at the community gym


Several members of the roller derby and hockey program attended the regular meeting of the Petersburg Borough Assembly Monday afternoon to show support for the skating program at the community gym.

Donna Marsh of the Petersburg Parks and Recreation Advisory Board spoke on behalf of herself hoping to gain the support of the board.

"I am in favor of promoting and even expanding the use by skaters of the community gym," Marsh stated. "We have a multi-million dollar facility and I think if we can invite and support different groups to use it, it will become a friendlier place."

Marsh explains that there will be use and wear and tear but that will happen with anything new and shiny.

"We have a great group of skaters with the roller derby girls and the hockey team," Marsh said. "I think we can even expand it to other skaters."

Lisa Nilsen, spoke on behalf of her family and the fact that she began skating again because of the availability of a place to skate.

"My family began skating when we moved back to Petersburg three years ago," Nilsen said. "We have been skating most Sundays since and I didn't realize that I would start exercising because of this opportunity to skate."

Petersburg Borough Assembly member John Havrilek raised the issue of maintenance and wear and tear on the community gym mainly because of possible liability issues.

"I just felt that this issue should be discussed by the Assembly," Havrilek stated. "It isn't to take skating away but to address the maintenance and liability issues."

The assembly has shown support of skating in the community gym since this issue was raised in the summer and this being a discussion item, no action was taken on the issue and skating will continue in the facility.


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