March 7, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 10

Losing Big Petersburg loses two more contestants

The Losing Big Petersburg competition has attracted many supporters over the last month and the loss of two more contestants brings the total to seven left standing.

The White Team had a big loss in Veronica Maldonado two weeks ago as she sacrificed herself for another teammate and the Blue Team lost Carli Byrer last week.

"The teams are doing very well," Petersburg Parks and Recreation Director Donnie Hayes said. "They have become an inspiration to the community and we have had many people in the community comment on these contestants."

Hayes also said that he has had at least one person who has shown an interest in being part of the committee for the competition next year.

The White Team is still standing with Christy Ware, Christin Fankhauser, Deborah Burrell and Shelly Pope and the Blue Team still has Carrie Bullar, Ken Callaum and Syntha Green.

During the weekly contestant meeting and seminar Tuesday evening, the White Team was declared safe from elimination once again and the Blue Team will lose one more of their team mates Thursday morning.

Each week the community has the opportunity to vote on the contestant they most wish to remain in the competition and the participant that receives the most votes receives 50 extra points which will hopefully keep them safe from elimination.

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