March 7, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 10

School Board hears update for Emergency Response Plan

Marcus Hom, lead instructor for Dark Horse Defense has taken on the task of developing an emergency response plan for the Petersburg Schools. Hom attended the regular meeting of the Petersburg School Board Tuesday, Feb. 19 to update the board on the progress of the plan.

"I have been working with the staff of the high school, middle school and elementary schools," Hom stated. "I have also observed the security in place now during school hours."

Hom is now moving from the observation phase and into the development of a new plan for the Petersburg School District.

"I have found a great format that will work for this district," Hom stated. "This plan will have clear concise direction regarding lock-down or evacuation of the buildings."

The next phase of the plan will include training.

"I have gotten great input from the staff and students," Hom stated. "I have no doubt this new plan will work for everyone involved."

This new plan will not only include evacuation procedures but a plan for tsunamis, earthquakes or flooding.

"The commands that are included in this plan are easily applied to all manner of security risks for the school," Hom stated. "Each task can be applied to an intruder in the school or any natural disaster."

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