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March 2, 1983 – The Crystal Lake Hatchery staff has a proposal before the Alaska Legislature to double their rearing capacity. Jim Billi, hatchery manager, told a large crowd of fishermen and interested townspeople at the February 18 meeting at the Counciil Chambers that it would only take a capital outlay of $3,000,000 and an additional $75,000 operating expenditure to do this.

At the present time 800,000 kings and over 2,600,000 cohos are hatching out at the hatchery, Billi said. The hatchery will be releasing these smolts from 1981 adults: 183,000 kings and 399,000 cohos. Also to be released will be 60,000 chums and 29,000 steelhead. All will be released into Crystal Creek except half the cohos will go into Ohmer Creek and the steelhead will be divided among Ohmer, Falls and Crystal Creeks.

March 11, 1993 – Alarmed over what is perceived as a parking crisis in Petersburg, Chamber members met with two city officials Wednesday morning to brainstorm for solutions.

A three-man chamber committee was named to meet weekly with City manager Bill Robinson and City Planner Leo Luczak to find short-term answers for the summer. Sparking the sense of urgency was the rumor that First Bank will start pile driving this summer in preparation for building a new bank building on Main Street.

That would eliminate about 30-35 of the estimated 65 parking stalls in the “city lot” on Main Street between Sing Lee Alley and Fram Street, which is the proposed new structure.

March 13, 2003 – Local entrepreneur Scott Roberge, owner of Tongass Kayak Adventures, was surprised to learn that he had been ranked #20 in February's National Geographic Adventure's “25 Greatest Adventure Vacations in the World.” The magazine entitles the section on Roberge “The Other Glacier Bay,” saying Tongass Kayak Adventures offers a truer outdoor experience than a big boat, shoulder-to-shoulder cruise.

National Geographic Adventure specializes in ranking adventure travel destinations, coming out with a differently themed list every couple of months.


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