March 21, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 12

Over 20 interested applicants for police officer position

During the regular meeting of the Petersburg Borough Assembly Monday evening, Petersburg Borough Manager Steve Giesbrecht reported that there are over 20 interested applicants for the police officer position and two potential Chief candidates from Alaska.

“The police officer position is the position that Heidi will be vacating,” Giesbrecht stated. “We will be replacing that with an officer, not a Sergeant.”

According the Giesbrecht, the two police chief candidates are from Alaska and have expressed a desire for the position.

Giesbrecht also reported that the Petersburg Library roof insulation is complete and about half of the shingles have been installed and the concrete floor and mezzanine are complete inside the building.

The Hospital Roof Project, which was funded through State money, should begin soon.

“We were unable to begin this project in the fall,” Giesbrecht stated. “We had a timing issue, but it will begin very soon.”

Giesbrecht has instructed the Director of Community Development Building Official Leo Luczak, to work with the hospital staff to determine their responsibilities for the inspection process.

“We are recommending to the hospital that they consider paying a Project Inspector for the project,” Giesbrecht stated.

Petersburg Power and Light is shortening the maintenance cycles on the Blind Slough Hydro to extend its life before a full rewind is required.

“This unit was put into service in 1955 or 56,” Giesbrecht said. “It has never had a major overhaul and it just makes sense to keep a close eye on this.”

According to Giesbrecht, the Middle and South Harbors are almost full with people transitioning out of the North Harbor.

Property assessments will be mailed out April 1.

“Property owners will have 30 days to file a written appeal and the appeal forms can be found on the Petersburg Borough website,” Giesbrecht stated. “These assessments will not include anything outside of Service Area 1.”

The condition of the Rasmus Enge Bridge is being monitored closely, according to Giesbrecht.

“We are making sure we have a significant number of extra planks on hand and we are looking at what it will cost us to re-plank the whole bridge,” Giesbrecht said. “We are a little worried about funding for that bridge, I'm just not sure we are going to get any. Re-planking the bridge will give us a couple of years.”

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