April 4, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 14

Salvation Army Congress in Petersburg

The Salvation Army of Petersburg is hosting the 2013 Salvation Army's Alaska Congress. The Congress will be held from April 5-7 and will include worship, fellowship, meals, a couple of workshops and also “time for members throughout southeast to just celebrate the Salvation Army,” according to Lt. Caleb Fankhauser, Corps Officer of the Salvation Army in Petersburg.

Over 200 participants from all over Alaska are expected to come to Petersburg for the event.

The Congress used to be annual but is now held every two years and is in a different location each time. The last time Petersburg hosted a Congress was in 2001.

Different women's groups of the Salvation Army from around Southeast will hold a craft bazaar this Saturday, April 6, at 3pm in the community gym. Saturday evening William Ware from Petersburg Indian Association has organized a dinner for all of the participants in the Congress.

Lt. Fankhauser, who can remember attending Congresses as a child, says he is very excited to have the Congress in Petersburg this year and expects the event to be very successful.

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