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April 6, 1983 – In response to requests from Congressman Don Young and others concerned about the development of ocean resources, president Reagan signed a proclamation establishing an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extending 200 miles from the shores of the United States and its overseas possessions. The presidential proclamation affirms U.S. sovereign rights over living and non-living marine resources (except for highly migratory tuna).

Congressman Young had sought a presidential proclamation of this nature to provide greater opportunities for the fishing industry and for seabed mining.

“For the first time in many years, the president of the United States has told the world that the U. S. is serious about managing the fish stocks found off our shores for the benefit of U.S., rather than foreign fishermen,” said Young.

April 8, 1993 – Guy Clifford Roundtree, 20, a U.S. Army private with relatives in Petersburg, has been shipped to Somalia as part of Operation “Restore Hope” to take relief to starving people.

Son of Laurel Tate of Petersburg and Clifford “Fuzz” Roundtree of Rochester, Wash., the young Roundtree enlisted last July.

He was due to take the 23-hour flight aboard a DC-3 from Dover, Del., on March 28, to Mogadishu, Somalia's main port city.

He will be an office worker in the 24th Transportation Battalion. Roundtree had wanted to “utilize his technical training, and to travel” when he enlisted, Tate said.

Roundtree graduated from Rochester High School in 1990. His twin sister, Katrina, graduate from Petersburg High School in 1991.

April 3, 2003 – A region-wide search for Wrangell resident Jason Rak, 14, who disappeared Wednesday evening, ended happily when Rak was found walking down Mitkof Highway on Thursday.

The Rak family lives on the beach side at about 7 mile Zimovia Highway. Jason's mother Paula explained this week that Jason had been driving his 9-foot homemade plywood skiff in front of the house. Eventually Rak says she didn't hear the skiff anymore.

Search and Rescue workers responded immediately and began searching the area; a Coast Guard helicopter arrived and joined the search around 10 PM.

In fact, Jason had taken it into his head to visit a friend in Petersburg. In a homemade boat with a 10-HP engine, he began to take on water. He beached the skiff at 32-mile Mitkof Highway and began walking toward town. While Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol, local police, and Forest Service searchers were conducting their search, Jason, wearing a flannel shirt, was walking down Mitkof Highway.


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