April 4, 2013 | Vol. 39, No. 14

Police reports

March 21 — The fire department was dispatched to Sing Lee Alley after a caller reported alarms going off and smelling smoke.

A caller reported an individual driving without a license.

Police arrested Anthony L. Hansen, 34 on charges of domestic violence assault.

A S. Nordic caller reported a camera stolen.

The harbormaster reported a boat alarm at 11:17 p.m.

March 22 — PMP&L reported street lights in the Excel St. area would be off for several days.

A power outage occurred after an eagle struck a power line in the vicinity of Petro Marine. The hour-long outage affected customers from Scow Bay north.

A caller reported suspicious activity at Sandy Beach.

The PVFD responded to a carbon monoxide report on Lumber St.

March 23 — Police and EMS responded to an Ira II street location where a fight was in progress.

Brent Schrey, 25 checked in to serve time.

Kids were reported drinking in a vehicle at 5-mile Mitkof Highway headed into town.

March 24 — A caller spoke with an officer regarding a daughter not coming home.

A caller reported a person driving without an operator’s license on Kiseno St.

A caller reported a speeding cab driver.

Sebastian K. Fisher, 25 was cited for speed violation on Sandy Beach Road (35/25)

March 25 — A possible sewer overflow was reported at Magill’s Trailer Park.

A caller advised officers of a needle found in the woods.

During this report period there were 2 EMS calls, 4 animal calls and 4 burn permits issued.

March 28 — Youths were reported on the highway with a motor scooter.

Lisa A. Johnston, 53 was arrested on charges of driving with revoked license.

A Lumber St. resident requested assistance after being locked out of their home. The neighbor was able to gain entry to the home.

March 29 — Vanessa K. Miller, 33 was cited for speed 40+/25 zone.

Thomas Lyons, 52 was arrested for parole violation.

March 31 — An extended protective order and stalking order was served on an individual on Haugen Drive.

A caller reported a hole in the Sing Lee Alley Bridge.

April 2 — A caller reported a truck causing damage to the construction area on Nordic Drive.

During this reporting period there were 3 EMS calls, 3 animal complaints and 8 burn permits were issued.

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